A tourism-focused mobile app development platform with a wealth of features

Routemotion supports a wide range of content types and features that you may incorporate in your App and make available to your visitors

Using Routemotion you can benefit from a complete and customizable set of content types, features and modules. Following are only a subset of them, representing some of the most frequently adopted in our solutions.


You can create itineraries and trails that users will enjoy discovering from home and then visiting, with the help of the maps, the geo-tagged destinations and interest points, , and the many information and articles you will be able to publish to support them.

audio TOURS

Allow your visitors to experience the environment and live a more immersive and connected experience. With geotagged audio-tours, they can hear stories and info of local history, geology, curiosities, safety instructions, etc. while walking through your area and in a non-invasive way.

destinations, Activities, Experiences

Describe the best destinations, experiences, activities and services available in your area, allowing your visitors to discover the greatest number of possibilities to see and do by publishing photos, descriptions, maps, expert opinions, reviews, amenities and specialities, and much more.


Offer tourists and visitors the chance to be members of a community through membership cards. Becoming a Member will allow them to enjoy premium features and content, such us but not limited to discounts, user reviews, sharing, etc. Coupons will allow you to offer membership card at discounted price.


You can associate to every Destination, Experience, Activity, etc. the main offers they propose and, upon your agreement with the owners, associate discounts to them. This will allow the members to access discounts when visiting those destinations through the Redeem feature.


Once the destinations have discounts associated to them, members will be able to access those offers when visiting. A complex and flexible redeem feature will allow to manage multiple types of discounts, such as but not limited to 'one time only' and 'always' redeemable discounts.


With Routemotion, you can create multi-language Apps. By submitting content in multiple languages, your custom application can be used by tourists and visitors from across the world.

multimedia ARTICLES

Combining various kinds of media into a single article is the key to unlocking the maximum expressiveness. This method allows you to create extremely rich content to describe the unique and interesting aspects of your locations.


The app will display the itineraries, destinations, experiences, events, etc. through detailed maps. This will allow tourists to understand the locations of all the interesting points and plan their visits accordingly, easily finding out all the best about your area.


The Routemotion platform enables apps to be used either offline or online. For example, visitors and tourists may still use many of the app's features, such as content browsing, even if they are traversing a mountainous range where internet connections might be unreliable.

food and wine trails

If your area is rich in food and wine destinations, Routemotion gives you all the tools you need to describe the various locations and their best deals in the most appealing way. Users and members will enjoy visiting all of the destinations you present in the app, making it easier for them to plan their trips.


You can describe the equipment that is suggested for a safer or better experience to your visitors in case of mountain hike itineraries or trails immersed in nature in order to draw their attention to the safety aspect.

We will jointly determine which elements and features are included in your App during the initial stage of the project. We'll develop the entire solution to properly match your specific goals and objectives thanks to our "tailor-made" approach built on top of a smart and versatile SaaS platform, creating a one-of-a-kind solution for you, your tourist community, and your business.

Diversified and Customizable Content Types

Routemotion offers a variety of content types to better represent the information you want to share with your visitors. You can think of them as specialized building blocks with which you can represent all the content you want your visitors to see through your App.

Destination Types including Parks, Lakes, Mountains, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Museums, Waterfalls, Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Agri-tourisms, Farms, Producers, Coffee Shops, Cocktails Bars, Pubs and many more can be added to your Apps.

You may also add content and information about the best Experiences that tourists can have or the Activities they can do in your area, thanks to specialized information types such as Tours, Outdoors, Hikes, Events and many more.

Furthermore, you may include and describe various Support Services in your custom solution. For example, Info Points, Transportation, and other support services may be offered to tourists during their visit.

Offers may also be tied to Destinations, Experiences, Activities and other types of destinations. This capability allows you to promote what your destinations have to offer to visitors and tourists in your area.

Every location can have its own set of Amenities and Specialties. They enable users to narrow down their search for the most desirable destination among the hundreds or even thousands of locations that may be made available on the Apps.

And the Routemotion platform is also expandable, meaning that it may be expanded to include new types of information in case of need.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Your App may include various lists and directories, which are collections of coherent data that users can browse and query based on their preferences, like for example Destinations, Offers, Experiences, Events, Activities, and so on.

To emphasize the custom nature of a Routemotion project, the lists to be displayed in the app will be identified during the earliest stages of the Project.

Thanks to the Advanced Search and Filtering, users will be able to narrow down their options and identified what they are interested the most, among potentially hundreds or also thousands of different destinations to visit, narrowing the options down based on characteristics such as region, type of destination, amenities or specialties, and so on.

Offer Membership options to your visitors

The Membership module offers users the option of becoming members of a community and, as a result, returning visitors in your region.
The customizable membership cards will allow you to customize the subscription criteria such as card price, duration, style and so on.

You will be able to associate to the membership a variety of premium features, such as:

This is only a partial list of the functionalities that can be linked to Membership.
Thanks to our custom approach, the possibilities to offer premium services to the Members will be limited only by your creativity.

An Innovative Platform for the Smart and Slow Tourism

Routemotion mobile apps

Slow and sustainable tourism is incredibly important to us! With ever-increasing concerns about sustainability, it’s time to take a stand.

A slow tourism experience emphasizes sustainability, responsibility, and eco-friendly practices. It allows for a less-stressful, deeply-satisfying travel experience.

Slow travelers use care when deciding on their transport, accommodation, gastronomy, and activities. They focus on the local culture and strive for an authentic experience of the place that surrounds them.

Routemotion provides a complete solution for encouraging slow tourism and sustainability.

We will work closely with you to design an App that offers a fully-customized experience for your customers. Include itineraries, tours, audio guides, restaurant ideas, and much more with sustainable tourism in mind.

With sustainable tourism apps, we enrich the experiences of visitors and host communities alike while encouraging economic benefits for all stakeholders involved.

As the demand for slow tourism continues to rise all over the world, we are glad to be a part of this trend. We look forward to a future where traveling is more authentic, less stressful, more economically stimulating, and more environmentally friendly for all parties involved.

Get started on your tourism App project today with Routemotion, and you’ll be on the forefront of the trend toward Sustainable Tourism Apps!

Amazing places deserve
amazing Apps

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With the Routemotion Admin Console Take Control Over Your Apps

Routemotion Admin Console

No technological know-how? No problem. Regardless of your experience with mobile app development, wherever you are you will be able to manage your App features and contents and make adjustments with ease in realtime.

The Routemotion Admin console is an advanced web administration console that allows you to manage and adjust the Routemotion App and all of its key end-user features 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It will be the professional work tool that enables you to manage your App and make the service provided to your tourists and visitors through the App evolve over time.

In line with the features and content types included in your custom solution, with the Routemotion Admin Console you can:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile app for Travel and Tourism?

A Travel and Tourism mobile app is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to find their travel destinations, plan visits, discover good flight and accommodation offers, access booking services, catch opportunities to live experiences and participate in events in one or more tourism regions.

Who are your typical clients?

Our custom mobile apps for tourism are ideal for

  • Tourism Regions, Counties, Cities and Towns
  • Parks, Islands, Rural and Mountain areas
  • DMOs, Tour Operators and Tourism Agencies, Museums
  • Areas with a high concentration of food and wine events, experiences, and destinations
What is the typical duration of mobile app development project with Routemotion?

The design and development of a mobile app for tourism with our SaaS platform might take from 6 to 14 weeks to complete, depending on the functionalities and the level of customization required.

Who oversees all of the technological complexities of a project once the Apps are live?

The service we provide includes all actions linked to the delivery of back-end systems required for the correct operation of the Apps and their management.

The service includes also technological support, allowing customers to focus solely on the operations of publishing content and promoting tourism in their locations.